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Erin McCutcheon

Chief Financial Officer

As chief financial officer at a large commercial landscaping company, I mainly perform financial management and risk management duties. This includes managing cash flow, legal issues and insurance, as well as budgeting and tax planning. I also take part in shaping the overall strategic plan for our company. 

I started my career in public accounting for five years and then moved to construction for about a decade. By luck, I found my way into landscaping. This is such a wonderful industry with so many opportunities for advancement, but it can be very misunderstood. 

In the U.S. alone, annual revenue in landscaping is $76 billion and total employment is one million.  

Plus, landscaping is a relatively recession-proof industry. Whether you’re in commercial or residential, properties still need to be maintained regardless of the size of their budget that year.  

I take pride in knowing that each day I make decisions that can improve the health of the company and therefore improve opportunities for our employees. I take my role very seriously because we have over 200 employees and their families relying on the company to support them. By the same token, management relies on those same people to keep us running and profitable.

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