Lawn Care Technician Job Description

Lawn Care Technician

Lawn Care Technician Job Description 

A lush, healthy lawn adds beauty to a community, value to a home or business, and benefits to the environment; but healthy lawns don’t just happen. They require knowledge, care, and attention. They are best brought to life and nurtured by lawn care technicians. These knowledgeable stewards of the environment mow, plant, water, fertilize, aerate, weed, and more to help lawns flourish in residential and corporate settings. Becoming a lawn care technician is an excellent career choice for those who enjoy working independently outdoors in varying weather conditions, like establishing the pace of their work, seeing the results of their efforts, and embrace the opportunity to interface with customers.

Current Openings

  • Lawn Care Technician Salary
  • Lawn Care Technician Description – Landscape Industry Careers
  • Lawn Care Technician Salary – Landscape Industry Careers
  • Lawn Care Technician – Landscape Industry Careers

Lawn Care Technician Essentials

$25,000 - $81,000*

Typical Benefits*

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental
  • Paid vacation time 


Secondary education is required for certification. Associate's degrees or bachelor's degrees in agricultural science, horticulture, or business help in advancing to supervisory positions.

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*Median salaries and benefits should be used as a guide. Actual compensation is influenced by location, type of business, employee’s experience, etc. and benefits vary among employers.

Cam Cundiff, Lawn Care Technician

Cam Cundiff, Lawn Care Technician

After graduating college with a degree in accounting and business administration, Cam was dead set on seeking a job at a public accounting firm. After landing one, he soon realized he wanted to have more of a direct impact on the performance of the company he worked for.


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