Meet a Lawn Care Technician

Meet Cam Cundiff

Lawn Care Technician

The biggest benefit of choosing a career in the lawn care industry is that it has given me a platform to grow professionally that I don’t think I would have gotten in many other places.

I graduated college with an accounting and business administration degree and was dead set on seeking a job at a public accounting firm. After landing my first accounting job, my view on public accounting changed. Although it was a great job, I was missing the fast pace of the lawn care industry, where I had worked previously. In the industry, I also felt that I had more of a direct impact of the overall outcome of the company.

I returned to my roots and now serve as director of operations at a large lawn care franchise company. I’m extremely happy with my decision to stay in the industry as the role I am in now provides me an opportunity to have an incredible impact on the business versus only seeing one side of a company in my role at the accounting firm. I am able to set financial and performance goals for many areas of the business to influence the outcome of each year. 

Regardless of background, I would highly recommend the green industry to anyone who cares about making an impact every day at the company they work for.

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