Tips for Identifying the Right College

Navigating College Choices

Are you considering studying for a career as a landscape professional? If so, you will want to prioritize college programs that will provide you with the foundation to grow your career. There are dozens of two and four year programs that can offer the foundation for learning about plants, management and business. Of course, in addition to the exposure such curricula offers to real-world scenarios in the landscape industry, higher level studying teaches critical problem-solving skills and stimulates intellectual curiosity that is highly coveted by employers. 

There is a high demand for students who graduate with degrees associated with the industry; in fact, most students who study horticulture, botany, turf science, agronomy, arboriculture and other industry-related topics have multiple job offers before graduation. If you want to study to become part of a growing industry where you can be proud of your work, make a positive impact upon our environment and impact people's lives, explore academic programs that will change your future and change your life.  

Managed landscapes reduce stress and crime, improve the quality of life and enhance attention and memory.
Immediate opportunities for skilled and entry-level employees.
Average Landscape Executive Starting Salary – Landscaping & Horticulture Scholarships
Average starting salary for a landscape executive is $60,000.

A Career in Landscaping Could be for You

I love what I do because I get to work outside and make living art! I am proud that my work creates a wonderful sense of space and outdoor enjoyment for the families, communities and businesses we serve. I appreciate that we constantly learn in this industry - innovations in plant culture, organic solutions and outdoor living products are routinely changing and require ongoing education. Additionally, I love this industry because of the people with whom I work - clients, co-workers, and other trusted advisers and partners. Networking with other industry professionals opens the door to showcase and share solutions, inspiring each of us to continually strive toward the highest levels of excellence. I am proud of the the carer I have developed over the past 30 years and I would do it all over again!

-Miles Kuperus, Jr. Owner
Farmside Landscape and Design

12 Things to Consider in Selecting a College to Prepare for a Career as a Landscape Professional

  1. Ensure schools in consideration offer courses in your intended area of study
  2. Identify what size school meets your interest and assess the faculty to student ratio
  3. Understand how you will finance school and what admission support you may require
  4. Seek personal recommendations from those in the industry and talk to current students about their experiences
  5. Look for programs that include hands-on and real world training 
  6. Identify accredited colleges and accredited programs
  7. Search for schools that offer internships and study abroad opportunities
  8. Evaluate the experience of the faculty
  9. Inquire if the program has guest speakers from the industry to provide “real-life” work experiences
  10. Ask if there is an active horticulture or landscape club
  11. Visit the department, staff and facilities
  12. Determine what percentage of students are offered job opportunities before graduation 
Well maintained landscapes clean and purify air, provide oxygen, minimize noise, protect water sources and cool the air.
Healthy lawns help protect people and pets from diseases carried by ticks, mosquitoes and other pests.


Since joining the industry seven years ago, I have seen such a phenomenal community and such passion for what everyone does. People in our industry have tremendous enthusiasm and love for what they do. It spurred a passion in me that frankly was missing in my career. This industry offers incredible potential for people to succeed, to learn, to engage, to be active and to merge their passions with a career. I am proud to be a part of this industry and would highly recommend it to those considering joining us."

-Meghan Kane
Baytree Landscape Contractors 

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