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Tips for Selecting Your Boss: Finding the Ideal Place to Work

How to Find the Right Employment Match

So, you are looking for a job as a landscape professional. That’s fantastic news! With more than 300,000 jobs available, industry businesses need you. There are thousands of employers seeking talented men and women to become part of their team, individuals they hope will make a positive difference in their operations. However, finding a job works two ways: employers select candidates and candidates should be selective as well. Finding the right fit is important for all involved. As you start your search, there are several things that you should consider in finding the ideal employer.

Size of Firm

The industry includes all different size businesses, small companies with just a few employees to large national corporations. There is no one-size-fits-all formula to what type of company offers the most ideal employment opportunity. In general, large firms may have more structure to their training programs, offer opportunities to relocate, and provide better pay and benefits. Smaller companies may provide wider ranges of experience, chances to diversity skill sets, stronger mentoring connections with senior managers or executives and opportunities to assume a larger amount of responsibilities quickly. The ultimate success of lawn and landscape companies relies on their people and accordingly, most all businesses have carefully constructed on-boarding programs to welcome and develop their teams. 

Training Opportunities

If you are interested in growing in your career (and you should be!), ask potential employers about how employees are trained. Are there weekly or monthly learning opportunities? How are safe work practices cultivated through training? Are employees encouraged to study and sit for industry certifications? A potential employer will welcome questions about professional development, as it demonstrates a candidate’s interest in learning as much as he or she can about the crafts of the trade.

Advancement Potential

Job candidates should find out what opportunities for advancement exist within a company. Ask questions about what attributes are sought and rewarded in new hires. Learn what positions you may be eligible for if you are successful in the position for which you are hired. Understand how long it takes and what kind of aptitudes are required to grow within the company. Larger companies may offer more opportunities for advancement, though smaller and mid-size firms may offer faster career acceleration. To help determine what future positions might be available, ask about a company’s plans for growth over the next five years to understand if they intend to grow or if they are comfortable with their current performance.

Corporate Culture

One of the things industry professionals enjoy the most is working with people – clients, vendors, and colleagues. When you are interviewing at a company, explore the culture and consider if it feels right for you. Do managers and executives seem to care about their employees and how is that demonstrated? What is the average tenure for employees? Long tenure can highlight a positive work environment. Ask current employees what they like best about working for the company or ask specifically about the company’s culture.

Perks vs Benefits

While larger companies may be in a position to offer better benefits, smaller companies are often cited for delivering better “perks,” that is the softer benefits. There may be greater flexibility with smaller companies and more opportunities to make recommendations for operational change or have a voice in strategic planning.

Other than these considerations, identify what is important to you. Perhaps you want to work for a company with a strong philanthropic spirit. If so, ask about community engagement. Perhaps utilization of a particular type of technology is high on your interest list or the opportunity to be involved in certain types of projects. Prioritize what matters most to you in your ideal employer. 

It is important to find a match that is right for you. Begin your search here

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