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Stories from the Field

Meet Maggie Burke

Landscape Estimator

As an estimator, I focus on bidding and managing projects designed by landscape architects.

I take great pleasure in working closely with construction teams to transform complex designs into built landscapes that our clients can experience and enjoy for years to come.

From the onset to completion, a project typically goes through several stages and passes through the hands of many talented professionals with unique expertise. My role allows me to be a part of each stage, whether that be design development with the landscape architect, sourcing of proposed plant material with the purchasing and production team, or refining details in the field with subcontractors.

Organizational skills and attention to detail are both important to the job, which allows me to manage complicated schedules and budgets, and to coordinate various parties on both short- and long-term projects. Ultimately, I enjoy the process of working toward project goals and addressing challenges directly in order to meet client expectations.

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