Stories from the Field

Meet Christopher Raimondi

Interior Landscaping Professional

What interior landscapers create is something extraordinary. Utilizing plants large and small, and now with green walls and moss walls, we design, create and install interiorscapes that provide tranquility for our clients. These clients are diverse: health care facilities, commercial offices, hospitality facilities, residential homes, restaurants and shopping venues.

I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to provide solutions that enable people to enjoy and enhance their indoor environments.

Interior landscapers connect nature with individuals within their living spaces. This phenomenon is called a biophilic connection, which is an extension of the basic human need for nature and human psychology. Within this context, humans relate to plants’ ability to cleanse the air we breathe, lower blood pressure and reduce several other human anxieties. 

Interiorscaping takes a team: designers, who help set the vision and give the client piece of mind; installers, who bring the plan to life; and horticultural technicians, who maintain the expectation of beauty.

I can’t think of another or a better profession that is so enjoyable. The ability to work with people, and plants, and foster connections between the two is my reason to run to work every day!

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