Testimonials from the Field

Choosing a career is a big step. After all, your profession is a big part of shaping who you are. Almost one million men and women have discovered their professional passion in the landscape industry. Learn why they are proud to be called landscape professionals.

  • Chris Andrews, Landscape Designer

    Growing up, Chris never knew that jobs in the horticulture field existed. She took an entrance level horticulture class in college and discovered she didn't have to be confined to a desk job.

  • Phil Gillio, Project Manager

    Often running from site to site, Phil says he never finds himself looking at the clock and wishing for the day to end. It is usually him looking at the clock saying, "I can’t believe its time to go home."

  • Scott Jamieson, Arborist

    Scott started his career by getting his hands dirty, learning the business from the roots up. From managing pest and soil issues with trees, he advanced into roles in sales and management. Today he serves as the Midwest Division Manager and Vice President for the largest private residential and commercial tree care firm in the world.

  • Kevin Finley, Nursery Professional

    Throughout his 40-year career, Kevin has learned not only how to grow plants and understand the business side of nurseries, but also work with and lead a dedicated team of equally dedicated professionals.

  • Erin McCutcheon, Chief Financial Officer

    Erin found her way into the landscaping industry by luck. Now, she takes pride in knowing that each day she makes decisions that can improve the health of the company and therefore improve opportunities for other employees.

  • Matt Touw, Account Manager

    Whether it’s making suggestions for improvements to enhance a property, or resolving pre-existing issues at a property, Matt knows he’s done his job if his customers are happy at the end of the day.

  • Maggie Burke, Landscape Estimator

  • Shayne Newman, Landscape Supervisor

  • Cam Cundiff, Lawn Care Technician

  • Chris Raimondi, Interiorscape Professional

  • Brent Ogburn, Business Development Manager

  • Kurt Thompson, Irrigation Specialist

  • Nick Voykin, Customer Support Representative

  • Meghan Kane, Office Administrator

  • Aaron Yoder, Chief Operating Officer

  • Ken Taylor, Industry Supplier

  • Glenn Jacobsen, Business Owner