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When you were young, people probably asked you what you wanted to be when you were older. You may have answered with the typical dream jobs of childhood - a fireman, doctor or a ballerina, perhaps. Sometime after 6th grade, you likely had a better idea about whether riding a shiny red truck to work or outfitting yourself in scrubs or a tutu was really for you. By now, you have likely learned about your passions – what you like and what you don’t - and what truly captures your interest. Perhaps you are trying to figure out how to turn those passions into your life’s work.


Immediate opportunities for skilled and entry-level employees.
40% of businesses are hiring management level positions today.

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Whether you are just starting to think about your career or are changing professions,

  • if the change to have a positive impact on the environment motivates you...
  • if you are inspired by trees, flowers, shrubs and grass being the tools of your trade...
  • if you want to actually DO something and not just watch...
  • if building, creating, discovering, and making things inspires you...
  • if career stability and strong compensation and benefits are important to you...
  • if you want to be part of a dynamic industry that experiences strong annual growth...
  • if you want to consider owning your own business one day...

Consider a career as a landscape professional! Learn how to grow your career here.

Average Landscape Executive Starting Salary – Landscaping & Horticulture Scholarships
Average starting salary for a landscape executive is $60,000.
Explore Landscaping Careers - Landscaping & Horticulture Scholarships for Students
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Landscape professionals are environmental superheroes. - Landscaping Business Salary Information
Landscape professionals are environmental superheroes.
Most landscape companies offer insurance and retirement benefits.
Is it for me?

A landscape professional is...

  • a difference maker, someone who wants to impact families communities, and the environment.
  • someone inspired by nature
  • a visionary creator


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